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    Australian hand-crafted whisky, gin, liqueur (and more) delivered

    regularly to your door by Australia's favourite possum.


    A monthly tipsy surprise in the mail is what we do best.

    These are subscriptions designed for the discerning drinker.


  • Introducing the Box

    Welcome to White Possum Subscriptions.

    Where a mysterious black box is actually a good thing.







    We think our courier drivers drew the short straw.

    They spend hours chauffeuring your box without a decent drink.







    Inside the Box

    Bottle of Australian spirits

    Choose from three spirit types: Random, Gin or Liqueur. Random could include whisky, gin , vodka, liqueur, rum or moonshine.

    Tasting and fact notes

    Next to the bottle you'll find an info card for some light reading about the distillery, how the spirit is made, and a cocktail recipe.

    Extra accompaniments

    From time to time you'll also find samples of actual ingredients used to make the spirit. Or a little gift from our friends at CAPI.



    Our Partner Distilleries

    We're thrilled to have partnered with some of Australia's

    best craft distilleries to bring you their carefully made spirits.




    Subscription Types

    Each of our plans consist of up to 12 deliveries

    available on a monthly or quarterly delivery interval.

    You can cancel or pause your plan at any time.


    The 'Random Scamperer'

    Our signature subscription where you have no idea what's in-store for you. The only assurances are that there will be a dozen spirits, they'll be delicious, and they'll be made in Australia. Deliveries could include whisky, gin, liqueur, vodka, rum or moonshine. Sometimes we also include goodies from our friends at CAPI.

    The 'Gin Guzzler'

    The Gin Guzzler delivers a dozen of our favourite Australian gins, hailing from every state and one territory. Featuring different gin styles and recipes, some of these gins are distilled with local Australian herbs while others use exotic imported spices. Alongside most of the gins, we also include samples of gin botanicals for you to taste, smell and feel.

    The 'Liqueur Lover'

    We feature a dozen liqueurs from all over the country. These are made in a wide range of styles and flavours, from the light and fruity to the dark and bitter. It's a sensory experience that also doubles as a handy ongoing source of aperitifs and decadent dessert wake-me-ups. This subscription is a cocktail craftsman's dream.

    The 'Pickled Possum Pack'

    The fourth and ultimate plan

    This is the ultimate craft spirit indulgence which signs you up for all of the above plans for a triple pack delivery every time. Hands down the best way to make sure you don't miss out on any of the good stuff. If there was ever a plan that packed a punch, this is it. Just make sure you drink responsibly.




    The Delivery Calendar

    If you join now, your first delivery will be in March 2017.

    Monthly Delivery

    Most Popular!

    Enjoy your craft spirits regularly.

    Your next delivery is just around the corner.

    Quarterly Delivery

    Have the occasional tipple.

    Support local distilleries along the way.




    Get a scurry on.




    Gossip in the Media

    "Our idea of a great present would be a regular knock on the door from a delivery person holding a box of plonk."


    - The Age Executive Style

    "Cracking open a handcrafted whisky, gin or liqueur is all about the experience. Doing it every month is the White Possum experience."


    - 4ZZZ Radio

    "If your mum enjoys a wee dram of top shelf spirits, this Mothers’ Day present has her name on it."


    - 5 Of The Best blog


    The Nitty Gritty

    Subscription options

    We offer four subscription plans - Random Scamperer, Gin Guzzler, Liqueur Lover and Pickled Possum.


    Then there are two simple delivery options - monthly and quarterly.


    If you have any special requests, such as a shorter subscription period or non-standard delivery cycles, that's no problem. Just let us know and we'll make sure you're taken care of.


    Note: we are constantly changing the make-up of our plans, so your spirit adventure might not be the same as a fellow possum!

    Calendars and cut-offs

    We do a check at 11:59pm of the 1st day of each month to make sure your upcoming delivery goes without a hitch. This is the last day to change any of your subscription preferences or address details for that month.


    Your order is processed in the first week of the month. If there are any issues, we'll send you an email.


    Spirits are shipped around the middle of the month. Generally it takes between two to five days for the box to zip to your door.

    Giving a gift?

    Awesome! We love to spoil people. Simply enter the recipient's details when you're joining but make sure you use your own email address so we can send you your receipt!


    If you have any special requests, such as a shorter subscription period or non-standard delivery cycles, that's no problem. Just let us know and we'll make sure you're taken care of.


    We can also do up small e-cards for your recipient to let them know what to expect.

    Payment options

    We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express cards. Your credit card details are securely processed using SSL 1024 bit encryption with Stripe and are not stored by White Possum.


    By default, we bill you once per month or quarter (depending on your delivery preferences). But if you'd like to pay up-front for a set number of months, we can do that too - just let us know!

    Shipping and delivery

    We can ship your spirits anywhere in Australia. Depending on where you live, we'll either use our preferred couriers or Australia Post.


    If you're not at home to receive your spirits, the courier will leave you a slip with their details so you can contact them and arrange a re-delivery or pickup. We don't charge you any extra for a re-delivery. If we're using Australia Post, then you'll be able to pick up your spirits from the nearest Post Office.


    You can change your shipping address at anytime. But remember, we lock in your address on the 1st day of each month for that month's delivery. Email us if you need it urgently changed.

    Am I getting value for money?

    We have a great working relationship with our distilleries, and combined with the fact that we order larger quantities of spirits, we're able to get a lower cost price. This allows us to cover our operational costs, as well as pay for the courier to deliver your spirits to you.


    But our mission is to help you get to know the distilleries, the spirits they craft, offer fanatical customer service and of course, provide door-to-door delivery. In order to do this, we do have to slightly mark-up our cost price.


    However, we are always trying our best to keep our subscription prices lower than or around the same as the recommended retail pricing of the spirits we send out.

    Cancelling subscriptions

    You can cancel your subscription at any time. Simply log in to the portal and delete the subscriptions you'd like to cancel. It's no hassle and there are no questions asked, and that's the way we think it should be.


    This is also a great way to put your subscription on hold if you won't be home for a while. Just don't forget to add your subscriptions back again, and we'll continue you on your journey as if nothing happened.

    Not a subscription fan?

    That's OK! You might be interested in our Spirits Shop, where we exclusively stock our very own range of White Possum spirits, as well as our well known 'Flight of the Possum' Australian whisky and gin tasting sets and 'Whisky Makers Kit' spirit ageing set.

    About White Possum

    We are a small business based in Melbourne. We love spirits. After stumbling across some of our local distilleries, it was clear that (1) they make top quality products, (2) not enough people know about them, and (3) they've got a real story to tell. White Possum was founded in September 2014 to bring local craft spirits to everyone.

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